toft kommunikation is one of the leading Danish agencies for counselling in the intersection between PR, policy and communications. Since the establishment in 2013, toft kommunikation has helped a wide range of both public and private organizations on different issues - always on the basis of values such as diligence, honesty and innovation.

Our approach to counselling is based on many years of personal experience within the field of politics, policy-development and media, hence a unique experience from the consulting business combined with an exceptional insight from many years of consulting in the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg and the European Union (EU). We therefore have a thorough knowledge of political decision-making as well as a unique network anchored in close relations with the business community, civil service and politicians across ideological boundaries – both nationally and internationally.

Development and dissemination of thorough analysis is one of our core competencies. We focus on making the complex more easily understandable, a deep insight into journalists' working methods - particularly in relation to the political agenda - and the tools to differentiate communication for different target audiences. Overall, this means that we are able to advise our clients on decisions regarding which messages they need to focus on as well as where, how and when the message needs to be communicated.

From 2016, toft kommunikation expands its activities to Brussels, from where we will follow the vibrant political life of the EU at close range - in favor of the ever increasing number of our clients who have interests in the EU.