The Danish Think Tanks Analysis 2017 focuses on the Danish think tanks’ contribution to society – not only in the public debate in the media – but also among policy makers in addition to the media. We have conducted a large survey among politicians, government officials, journalists, researchers and policy-experts in Danish interest organizations regarding their views on and assessments of the work of the think tanks. 


In April 2016 the largest Danish online news site brought an article based on the newly released report The Danish Think Tank Analysis 2016, published by toft kommunikation. Here is a brief summary of the article in English.

Danish Think tanks are bulking up

The number of Danish think tanks has increased, and their influence in both Danish media and politics has increased significantly. The International Press Centre in Denmark thus invited a group of foreign correspondents in Denmark to seminar on “The Danish Think Tank Analysis” published by toft kommunikation.

Setting the political agenda becomes ever more important in the new political arena. It is the determining road to political influence and power – hence something that more organizations strive fore. But what criteria have to be fulfilled in order to succeed in praxis?