The Danish Think Tanks Analysis 2017 focuses on the Danish think tanks’ contribution to society – not only in the public debate in the media – but also among policy makers in addition to the media. We have conducted a large survey among politicians, government officials, journalists, researchers and policy-experts in Danish interest organizations regarding their views on and assessments of the work of the think tanks. 

The number of Danish think tanks has increased, and their influence in both Danish media and politics has increased significantly. The International Press Centre in Denmark thus invited a group of foreign correspondents in Denmark to seminar on “The Danish Think Tank Analysis” published by toft kommunikation.

Setting the political agenda becomes ever more important in the new political arena. It is the determining road to political influence and power – hence something that more organizations strive fore. But what criteria have to be fulfilled in order to succeed in praxis?


In April 2016 the largest Danish online news site brought an article based on the newly released report The Danish Think Tank Analysis 2016, published by toft kommunikation. Here is a brief summary of the article in English.

Danish Think tanks are bulking up

If your answer is no; we offer to equip you well both in relation to personal trenchancy, strategic communications and publicity.

The 11th – 14th July is The People’s Political Festival 2015 [Dan: Folkemødet] on Bornholm. Again, a long list of significant actors from the business world, the political spectrum, organisations as well as decision makers and journalists assemble.

The struggle for speaking time, and exposure is tough on the four days that the festival lasts.

Therefore, it is of crucial significance that you know exactly what your expectations are of the festival and that you are capable of delivering messages distinctly. Moreover, it is important that your good news are told in an exiting way and that they are sold to relevant media channels.

All this you will get in corporation with us

  • You will get preparation and training, so you can perform and present your self and your messages as good as possible.
  • You will have arrangements and events that establish attention and debate.
  • You and your organisation are ensured publicity of your main messages in relevant media.

You need experienced professionals in the media as well as in the business world.
We are a skilled and operational team, who has participated in every edition of The People’s Political Festival till now and have experienced the growing popularity and meaning of the festival. We have a strong footing in the political-, the business-, as well as the in media world, and we have more than 10 years of experience in convening debate-generating conferences and events.

We offer an interesting catalogue of services before, under and after The People’s Political Festival 2015:

  • Coaching to achieve the optimal yield of the potential of the Festival as well as matching your message to relevant events.
  • Design and organise agenda setting debates and events that ensure publicity.
  • Find and contact the correct panel attendants – not least from the Danish Parliament – as well as preparation a draft to the debate.
  • PR-work: Compose 3-5 press pitches with relevant topics and manage the contact to journalists.
  • Strength the personal performance, presentation techniques and trenchancy of speakers, debate attendants and facilitators.
  • Optimize content and presentation (e.g. incl. Keynote/Power Point)
  • Develop and prepare interaction and dialogue with the audience.
  • Media training. Prepare attendants to interviews and debates.
  • Video production of events and interviews with chosen stakeholders to the use of home page and social media.

Did the latter mention draw your attention? Let us meet for a cup of coffee and a non-commital discussion about your needs and wishes in connection to our competencies.

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