The Danish Think Tanks Analysis 2017 focuses on the Danish think tanks’ contribution to society – not only in the public debate in the media – but also among policy makers in addition to the media. We have conducted a large survey among politicians, government officials, journalists, researchers and policy-experts in Danish interest organizations regarding their views on and assessments of the work of the think tanks. 

Based on this year’s report, we can conclude a growing satisfaction and increasing cooperation between foundations, organizations, political parties, interest groups and think tanks. 

The report shows that there is a big difference between think tanks’ credibility within selected groups of policy makers – and the visibility of the individual think tanks. 

A major survey has been conducted with more than 130 policy makers and in this study, we measure the think tanks’ credibility and their ability to innovate divided among different targets groups; government officials, journalists, politicians, researchers and interest groups. On this context, we compare the think tanks’ visibility in the Danish media and credibility in relation to other relevant sources of knowledge that the politicians use in everyday life such as interest organizations. 

The 2017 report draws on a series of in-depth, personal interviews with leading politicians, top government officials as well as directors of foundations and think tanks, including:

  • The Minister of Culture Mette Bock, Liberal Alliance;
  • Chairman of the Think Tank Europe, Poul Skytte Christoffersen;
  • Head of the Department of Political Science, Ph.D Peter Munk Christiansen, Copenhagen University;
  • Director Jacob Mchangama, The Think Tank Justitia.

Through concrete cases, the report illustrates how ministers and senior officials among others use the analyzes of the think tanks in their daily work and collaborate with the think tanks in order to develop new policy ideas.

toft kommunikation has held numerous presentations to relevant boards and organizations. If interested, we offer a customized presentation based on the Danish Think Tank Analysis 2017 of about 60 minutes duration. 

To get more information regarding the analysis or a customized presentation please contact Director Søren Toft at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +45 26 19 01 19