The number of Danish think tanks has increased, and their influence in both Danish media and politics has increased significantly. The International Press Centre in Denmark thus invited a group of foreign correspondents in Denmark to seminar on “The Danish Think Tank Analysis” published by toft kommunikation.

Journalists from Sweden to Korea had taken place around the round table as director Søren Toft with great enthusiasm gave unique insight into the evolving Danish think tanks landscape. In spring 2016, toft kommunikation published “The Danish Think Tank Analysis 2016”. The report gives insight into the Danish think tank landscape, their fields of work and new tendencies. The number of think tanks in Denmark has increased significantly throughout the last 10 years. A central conclusion is that their influence on Danish media and politics has increased significantly. 

Moreover, the report concludes that we see a closer relation between Danish think tanks and the policy world, e.g. an increasing number of think tanks work closely together with the media, political parties, interest organizations and government agencies.

The seminar gave foreign journalists in Denmark new knowledge on the Danish think tank landscape, regarding their role, fields of work, and how journalists work with the Danish think tanks.

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