-April, Altinget.dk-

In April 2016 the largest Danish online news site Altinget.dk brought an article based on the newly released report The Danish Think Tank Analysis 2016, published by toft kommunikation. Here is a brief summary of the article in English.

Danish Think tanks are bulking up

Think tanks have entered a Danish Golden Age. Never have there been more think tanks and never have they been bigger.

Denmark has seen a sudden rise of new think tanks the past 10-15 years and today hosts a total of 30 think-tanks, with the number of employees estimated to be approximately 1400.

When comparing with the number of citizens, Denmark are thus at the same level as Sweden, who is the leading think tank nation in Northern Europe. There are more than one cause to this development but first and foremost: “They clearly work”, says director Søren Toft, who is behind the analysis:

“They are visible in the media; they understand how to set the media agenda and often they offer new and creative policy suggestions, which the civil service haven’t come up with.” Because of their ability to rapidly go over policy suggestions and put them into perspective, think tanks hold a significant position to media as well as organizations and parties, Søren Toft explains.

“The best think tanks are armed to the teeth with intellectual power which enables them to calculate at the level of the Ministry of Finance. You cannot reach higher than that, Søren Toft says.”

Today, the Danish think-tanks constitute a sector of both private and public think-tanks, with more or less twice the number of employees compared to ten years ago. This follows another development, as the interaction between think tanks and interest groups, media, NGO’s and the civil service is increasing.

“It has become more accepted and normal to cooperate with think tanks, and as a result, it also has become more attractive to work in a think tank – to civil servants as well as politicians. Thus, the exchange of employees between offices, parliament, and politicians,” Søren Toft says.

You can find the full article, in Danish, on Altinget.dk here: http://www.altinget.dk/artikel/taenketanke-faar-flere-muskler-at-spille-med