Setting the political agenda becomes ever more important in the new political arena. It is the determining road to political influence and power – hence something that more organizations strive fore. But what criteria have to be fulfilled in order to succeed in praxis?

toft kommunikation has asked a series of Danish political decision-makers in order to map the most important sources to the politicians’ knowledge whilst also analyzing - both quantitative and qualitative - how an organization can optimize its external communications strategy.

The new analysis ’Sådan sejrer I på Christiansborg’ (ENG: How you win at Christiansborg), which builds on 40 interviews of Danish MPs, shows that the best strategy of Public Affairs – in contrast to what previously assumed – does not only consider influencing single politicians and central parts of the bureaucracy but - in addition – Public Affairs practitioners need to focus on actors – identified by toft kommunikation – who until now have been neglected.

It is a unique and exclusive knowledge that is of determining importance to set the political agenda and, hence, win the political influence. This means in praxis that interest groups, labor unions, NGOs and other political actors henceforth can optimize their Public Affairs strategy by adjusting to the new circumstances in the political culture and the new composition at Christiansborg.

In the 30-page analysis, 40 different members of both parliament and government give their valuation on credibility and usage on different types of knowledge sources. The analysis investigates effects on credibility and usage frequencies by different indicators such as the political bloc alignment, experience and gender. Hereafter, the sources are compared and the analysis reflects on potential consequences and opportunities of optimizing Public Affairs strategies.

The analysis unravels e.g. the individual sources’ ability to lobby from the politicians perspective of credibility and usage of the specified source. Moreover, another central element in the analysis is how the individual sources can strengthen their strategies in order to gain higher levels of credibility, usage, and – not least – influence and power among central political decision-makers. The interview persons count amongst others:

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs & Vice Chair Kristian Jensen (V)
  • Former Minister & current Spokesman for Finance Benny Engelbrecht (S)
  • Former Minister & current Group Chair Sofie Carsten Nielsen (B)
  • Party Chairman Uffe Elbæk (Å)
  • Spokesman for Foreign Affairs Naser Khader (C)

Tailored presentation to the department of communications, politics and analysis.
toft kommunikation offers – besides the sale of the analysis – a tailored in depth presentation after your desires and needs on how you can succeed at Christiansborg.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, if you are interested in the analysis and/or presentation by Søren Toft & Joachim Koefoed.

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