In 2015 toft kommunikation published for the first time “The Danish Think Tank - Analysis 2015”, which is a historic mapping and analysis of the influence, reliability and visibility in the media among more than 30 different Danish think tanks.

The report is based on more than 75 qualitative interviews with leading politicians, highly-ranked civil servants and officials, journalists as well as researchers within chosen policy areas. Simultaneously, the decision makers give their valuation of the Danish think thanks. Here is an article of the latter mentioned report from

Along with the purchase of The Danish Think Tank Analysis, toft kommunikation offers a 60 minute presentation about the most significant elements of the analysis for e.g. employees, management, partners, etc.

Bring the citizen into play – Involving citizen and companies in public innovation [Dan: Sæt Borgeren i Spil – Sådan involverer du borgere og virksomheder i offentlig innovation], Christian Bason, Sune Knudsen og Søren Toft, Gyldendal Public, Copenhagen – 2014. 2nd Edition

The publication contains specific examples on innovation creation and tools to how organisations and companies can motivate employees to think creatively. For more information.

Employee driven innovation in practice – a case collection with specific tools to improve innovation in your workplace. [Dan: Medarbejderdreven innovation i praksis , En casesamling med konkrete værktøjer til at gøre din arbejdsplads mere innovativ[, Søren Sebastian Toft, FTF, 978-87-7356-106-5, 2009. For more information (PDF).

The power of innovation on university collages, - an index of ideas for leading innovation in the educational sector [Dan: Innovationskraft på professionshøjskoler, - et idekatalog til innovativ ledelse i uddannelsessektoren], Søren Sebastian Toft & Leif Laszlo Haaning, Ministry of Education Denmark, 978-87-603-2654-7, 2007. For more information (PDF)